We answer some of the questions & concerns you may have about working in the Adult Industry

There are several things, which you will need to bring to the photo shoot with you in order for it to run smoothly.

We ask you to bring some of your own clothes for the shoot. We do this for several reasons. Firstly as it will be your first shoot, we find our models feel more comfortable in their own clothes and secondly, as they belong to our models, we know they will be a perfect fit.

You will find a list of suitable clothes at the end of this document.
Bring a few alternatives with you and we will find the best ones for the specific shoot.

Important: Don’t forget to bring 2 forms of ID. At least one ID will need to show your date of birth and your current full address. Without ID, the shoot will be cancelled straight away.

Yes, rates will vary depending on the project but we insist that models are fully paid for any ‘test’ shoots.

The shoots usually last between two to three hours. Please make sure you schedule at least three hours for the entire shoot.

Normally there will be at least two people present, the photographer and the make-up artist. You are welcome to bring a friend, but we do not allow boyfriends/girlfriends on set as they tend to interrupt the work of the photographer.

No, you do not need to sign a contract. You will have to sign a model release form that says that you are aged 18 or over and that you consent to your photographs been used (a copy of the model release form will normally be sent beforehand, it’s only available in English as most of our customers are based in English speaking countries). When signing a model release form, you will have to have identification with you, such as a passport, birth certificate, driving licence etc. (Important: if you do not valid identification that proves your age, your shoot will be canceled and you won’t get paid).

No, the content on those websites is staged. We take client safety very seriously and expect the highest standards from all our staff and clients. Anyone who doesn’t maintain those high standards will find their services are no longer required.

Nude: Fully naked including open leg poses.
Akt: As nude but includes holding the genitals open.
Continental: as Akt but includes finger and/or toy insertions.
Girl/girl Soft: Simulated lesbian sex with no insertions.
Boy/boy Soft: Simulated gay sex with no insertions.
Girl/girl Hard: Lesbian Sex including toys and finger insertions.
Boy/boy Hard: Gay Sex including penis, toys and finger penetration.
Boy/girl soft: Involves simulating male/female intercourse and oral sex.
Boy/girl hard: Involves all types of full male/female sexual intercourse.

We ask that you bring your own clothing for the test shoot and we ask that you bring at least 3 changes of clothes so that each shot is varied. To the right is a list with examples of clothing to bring. Don’t worry if you don’t have everything from the list, just bring what you can.

  • Skirts/Dresses (Clubbing Wear)
  • Shorts/Hot pants
  • Bikini Tops/ Boob tubes/ Halter necks
  • Jeans/T-Shirt
  • Underwear/Bras/G-Strings
  • Stockings/Suspenders
  • Make-up/Mirror
  • Jewellery
  • Hair Accessories/Brush