Male/Female/Couples – Adult Models

Location: Budapest, but I work with clients around Europe.

Experience Required: Some experience is preferred but newcomers are also welcome

Rate of Pay: Revenue Share/Negotiable

Closing Date: Ongoing

I work with individual clients to build new revenue streams using sites like & If you’re a webcam model or already sell your content on, I can help you maximise your revenue. I prefer to work with clients that have some previous experience and understand what clients want, but I’m happy to also work with smart newcomers.

I don’t charge any upfront fees, so I only make money if you’re making money. All age groups are welcome.

I work in English, so basic English knowledge is needed to communicate with each other.


Adult work opportunities for adult models aged 18 to 25.

Job opportunities for Models aged from 18 to 25. Most shoots happen in Budapest, but we also arrange shoots other locations throughout Europe.

Job Description: Female hard-core models aged 18-25
Experience Required: 
None (See Description)
Rate of Pay: 
Closing Date: 

Our client is a well established adult website devoted to lovers of fit and attractive teenage girls. They are currently looking for attractive, articulate and confident women aged from 18 to 25 to appear on their website. They shoot both photos and videos, so applicants should be comfortable with both mediums.

The average shoot lasts for between 4 and 6 hours. Full nudity is required and you need to work to a minimum level of Girl/Girl softcore.

Rates of pay will depend on the level you work to and we normally arrange an average of 1 shoot a month for this client in Central Budapest (Hungary), St Petersburgh (Russia) and Moscow (Russia). 

We also do a number of location-based shoots throughout Europe.

Skill Requirements
The higher the bar, the more important a skill is.

Aged 18 - 25
Previous Experience
Full Nudity

To submit your portfolio, please fill in our registration form below and we’ll contact you within 2 working days. This form is intended for female models aged between 18 and 25. For models aged 35 or older, please use the mature model page. For male model registration.

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